The National Technical Authority
for Information Assurance

IA Maturity Model

This page provides a portal to information in support of the HMG IA Maturity Model (IAMM) and supporting guidance.
As part of assisting organisations' boards to progress towards the broad outcomes of the National IA Strategy, and particularly the mandatory and other measures set out in the Data Handling Review, this IAMM has been created.
The IAMM is supported by the Information Assurance Assessment Framework (IAAF), which is designed to assist an independent review of progress against the IAMM within an organisation. In its turn, this review will assist organisational boards to report ongoing improvements in their Information Assurance and Information Risk Management postures in their annual reports to Cabinet Office.
CESG currently provides three assessment services in support of IAMM:
Organisations interested in assessments using the IAMM and IAAF should contact CESG Enquiries in the first instance.