The National Technical Authority
for Information Assurance

Policy & Guidance

Biometrics Characterises existing techniques for effectiveness, studies ways to use Biometrics Systems to secure IT systems and provides information on the Biometrics Working Group (to enable the use of biometric authentication technology in Information Age Government).
IA Consultancy & Advice CESG's IA consultants provide consultancy and advice on a range of IA/Cyber problems that face HMG departments, agencies, local government and commercial entities working with HMG.
IA Maturity Model The IAMM has been created to assist organisations' boards to progress towards the broad outcomes of the National IA Strategy, and particularly the mandatory and other measures set out in the Data Handling Review.​
Pan Government Accreditation (PGA) service​ Infrastructure and services are increasingly shared by multiple government departments as a way of reducing costs. The accreditation of these systems can be complex, since different departments will have different threat profiles and risk appetites.
Policy development CESG develops HMG policy for protecting data and advises on its implementation.​
Secure by Default CESG’s ‘Secure by Default’ initiative aims to focus demand for security technologies by showing how they can solve real business problems.​
White Papers These papers, published by CESG, express thoughts and ideas to help build outstanding security services for various enterprise sectors, including government. These ideas should be viewed as suggestions, and not a mandate. Developers are encouraged to modify or enhance these ideas.
GovCertUK Assists public sector organisations in the response to computer security incidents and provide advice to reduce the threat exposure.