The National Technical Authority
for Information Assurance

Biometrics Working Group (BWG)

The UK Biometrics Working Group (BWG) is a cross government group focused on the use of biometric technology across government and CNI.

The BWG's remit is broad ranging and includes providing general advice on biometric technology and procurement, addressing privacy and Human Rights issues, directing technical areas such as evaluation and testing, and offering biometric policy advice and security assurance. CESG administers the BWG and leads the security assurance and policy related areas. The BWG comprises representatives from government departments, independent biometrics specialists, and other relevant contributors from the UK and elsewhere.

Key aspects of the BWG program include:

  • Focus on Government and Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) requirements and agendas
  • Support from leading international biometrics experts
  • Co-operation with international standardisation activities through BSI IST/44 (external link)
  • Liaison with foreign governments in the area of biometrics

The BWG has produced a set of management summaries, including a glossary of commonly used biometrics terms and a list of frequently asked questions about biometric technology.

The BWG has previously produced various documents which are available in the reference documentation section.