The National Technical Authority
for Information Assurance


Service Description

The TEMPEST service comprises a number of different strands:
You may benefit from using the TEMPEST Service if you are:
  • In need of a TEMPEST assessment, inspection or test of a product or installation
  • A TEMPEST product vendor or manufacturer and wish to obtain certified status for products
  • A TEMPEST Test Facility operator seeking accreditation to the CESG Formal TEMPEST Certification Scheme Standard
  • In need of TEMPEST accreditation for a platform to operate in the field
  • Responsible for the security of information at Confidential or above, which may be vulnerable to exploitations of EM emanations
  • In need of CESG guidance on policy or TEMPEST standards
  • A TEMPEST tester or advisor requiring training to become accredited.

Latest News

IA Implementation Guide No 14 (Issue 2.0, Jun 2013) - TEMPEST & Electromagnetic Security - now available from CESG Enquiries.