The National Technical Authority
for Information Assurance


We all want to use new technologies to benefit our business, but what about the risks?

Unintentional signals from IT equipment may give away your sensitive data. The TEMPEST Service helps you understand the level of electromagnetic vulnerability of your equipment.
On the TEMPEST pages you can find out how to get:
  • products or installations TEMPEST tested, assessed or inspected
  • certified status for products (for TEMPEST product vendors or manufacturers)
  • accreditation to the CESG Formal TEMPEST Certification Scheme Standard (for TEMPEST Test Facility operators)
  • accreditation to test first of type mobile platforms
  • an understanding of the level of electromagnetic vulnerability of your equipment carrying information at SECRET or above (under the new Government Security Classification scheme)
  • CESG guidance on Electromagnetic Security policy or TEMPEST standards

Latest News

IG-14 version 2.2 (April 2015) is now available from CESG Enquiries.